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Treat Facial Veins and Capillaries/Vascular Lesions

What Are Facial Veins and Capillaries? 

Facial veins are small broken capillaries that are more commonly referred to as spider veins. This skin condition typically manifests on the nose, chin, or cheeks. Usually in direct correlation with rosacea, facial veins are caused by high blood pressure, aging, hereditary factors, inflammation, or prolonged and frequent sun exposure. 

How to Treat Facial Veins and Capillaries 

We all need our daily dose of sunlight to stay healthy and happy, but too much sun exposure can take a toll on your skin by triggering the formation of veins on the face.

If you suffer from this condition, you can turn to Lumecca to treat broken capillaries or vascular lesions. Lumecca is a restorative IPL procedure that works by rendering specific wavelengths of light, which proceed to interconnect with the red and brown pigments of the skin. Consequently, the pigments absorb the light until they are eliminated.

Results You Can Expect 

If you choose to undergo Lumecca, you can expect to experience clearer and healthier skin that is free from facial veins and irritation. This procedure is virtually painless and comes with mild side effects of redness that will subside within mere hours after the session.

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