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Cosmetic Treatments in Burlington

Burlington Medical Aesthetics offers a variety of cosmetic services that can be tailored to your desires. If you’re looking to enhance a particular physical feature, our treatment specialist can help guide you toward the right solution.

Browse our list of cosmetic services when considering treatment via Botox or dermal fillers. For those who have undergone treatment already, our inventory of aftercare products can help extend the longevity of your fresh, new look.

Botox Treatment

BOTOX is a well-known treatment doctors and nurses use to relax specific muscles, proving effective for both therapeutic and cosmetic applications. Botox works great for forehead wrinkles, crows feet , neck or platysmal bands and much more. It is also used for excess sweating in the armpits (hyperhidrosis) with great results.

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Dermal Fillers

Dermal filler treatment is a type of soft-tissue injectable filler that’s meant to reduce lines and wrinkles, and to also bring volume and fullness to specific parts of the face. Areas covered include lip borders, lip augmentation, cheeks, and jaw lines

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AlumierMD aftercare products include those that assist in anti-aging processes, promoting hydration for vibrant, healthy looking skin. This extensive line includes acne, rosacea , anti aging and eye brightening (dark halos around the eyes) creams and serums

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The Clinic of Confidence

If time is relative, and age is just a number, then take control of your life and look the way you want to feel by visiting Burlington Medical Aesthetics. A modern, aesthetic centre owned and operated by Dr. Abbas Adam, Burlington Medical Aesthetics provides a beauty experience designed with your complete confidence in mind.

Celebrate an enduring, younger self when you decide to visit Dr. Adam for client-focused, non-surgical aesthetic solutions. As a licensed physician, you can rest assured that your treatment is performed by a trained, experienced professional who uses the safest, most effective methods for facial rejuvenation.

Science and art combine in our holistic approach to cosmetic skin care, meaning that your aesthetic vision will never be sacrificed at the cost of your wellness. Visit Burlington Medical Aesthetics today to begin your journey toward a transformation you can trust.




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