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Botox® at Burlington Medical Aesthetics

For qualified, customized Botox® cosmetic treatments, look no further than Burlington Medical Aesthetics. Professionalism and perfection combine for unparalleled non-surgical skin care treatment. Our clinic offers injectable treatments administered by a licensed, highly skilled physician so that patients walk in and out of our facility with the utmost confidence.

Experience the very best in Botox® treatment when you choose Burlington Medical Aesthetics.

Live your life. Love your look.

What is Botox?

Botox® is a well-known brand of neuromodulator that doctors and nurses use as a non-surgical treatment to relax specific muscles. There are both therapeutic and cosmetic uses for Botox®—it’s been known to reduce migraine issues and soften facial lines to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

At Burlington Medical Aesthetics, we offer three treatment options including: Botox®, Xeomin®, and Dysport®. All three of these brands are safe to use when administered by a professional medical practitioner. Patients can expect thorough consultations conducted by our qualified physicians who will then recommend the best brand for your desired results. Receive your Botox® cosmetic treatment in Burlington, Ontario, and make an appointment at Burlington Medical Aesthetics today.

How Do Botox Cosmetic Treatments Work?

With a small needle, Botox® is injected into the target muscle, and depending on the procedure, these injections can take between five and 30 minutes to complete. Candidates that are looking to treat the visible signs of aging such as expression lines (frown lines and smile lines) in the face will benefit from the results of Botox® injections.

Expect the full effect of your Botox® treatment to be visible between one to two weeks post-treatment. There is minor discomfort during the procedure and little healing time post-procedure.

Botox® treatments typically last four to six months for cosmetic purposes.

What’s the Difference Between Botox®, Xeomin® & Dysport®?

The three brands of neuromodulators offered at Burlington Medical Aesthetics are Botox®, Xeomin® and Dysport®. At Burlington Medical Aesthetics, we will recommend the right brand for you depending on your desired results.

One of the main differences amongst these brands is that Xeomin® is considered a “negative injectable.” Unlike Botox® or Dysport®, Xeomin® does not contain any additives, so the body is less likely to become resistant to it.

For more information on the brand differences offered at Burlington Medical Aesthetics, check out the treatments pages for Botox®, Xeomin® and Dysport®.

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Applications

  • Crow’s feet
  • Vertical lines between eyebrows
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Lines around lips
  • Chin lines
  • Neck lines

The Science of Beauty

All products on-site were chosen because of three factors: quality, trust, and credibility.

Unlike other clinics, Burlington Medical Aesthetics offers Botox® injections that are administered by a trained and licensed physician, giving you the confidence you deserve to make the most informed decision possible.


Xeomin® is a fantastic, additive-free solution for reducing facial lines and wrinkles, giving you more control over the way you age. Look the way you want to feel with Xeomin® injections at Burlington Medical Aesthetics.

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Dysport® injection treatment lets you age more gracefully with smooth, youthful skin. Look the way you want to feel with Dysport® at Burlington Medical Aesthetics.

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