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Alma Duo Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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How Does Alma Duo Work? 

Alma Duo is an erectile dysfunction treatment that harnesses the power of advanced shock wave technology and is clinically approved to stimulate better blood flow. Once healthier blood flow is established, increased sexual performance will be restored naturally. 

This process works by applying shockwave therapy to the treatment area, which proceeds to exert mechanical stress and prompts a wound healing response. Once that response is set into motion, new blood vessels form and break up the plaque in existing vessels. This is how blood flow improves. 

 This erectile dysfunction treatment is performed in-office within 15 minutes and requires no pills, no needles, no surgery, no topical anesthesia, and no downtime.  

Who Can Benefit From Erectile Dysfunction Treatment? 

Individuals who struggle with erectile dysfunction caused by vascular conditions are good candidates for Alma Duo.  

Alma Duo Treatment Areas

Erectile dysfunction treatment is administered to the penile shaft and penile crus.  

Why Choose Erectile Dysfunction Treatment at Burlington Medical Aesthetics? 

At Burlington Medical Aesthetics, we prioritize the safety and health of our valued patients. From our state-of-the-art facilities all the way to our friendly team of highly skilled professionals, you can rest assured that your medical and aesthetic vision will be in good hands. 

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Your erectile dysfunction will be a thing of the past when you experience the power of Alma Duo. 

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