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Stretch Mark Treatments

What are Stretch Marks? 

Stretch marks are common types of scars that develop when your skin stretches or shrinks abruptly. The sudden change causes the elasticity and collagen of the skin to rupture. Once the healing process begins, long, pink stretch marks appear. Stretch marks commonly occur after pregnancy, gaining weight, or losing weight. They can affect any body area but mostly the abdomen, flanks, arms, thighs, and buttocks.

How to Treat Stretch Marks 

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy or IPL harnesses light energy to target specific areas of the skin. Unlike most laser treatments, IPL produces more than one wavelength of pulsating light. Through this revolutionary heat technology, your body will be stimulated to eliminate unwanted cells while promoting the dermis’ natural regeneration properties. Stretch marks don’t stand a chance against the safety and effectiveness of IPL. 

To date, Morpheus8 is the only proven method that can treat stretch marks.

Who Can Benefit from Stretch Mark Treatment? 

If you want to correct the appearance of unwanted stretch marks, or scars, then IPL is the answer to your skin concerns

Results You Can Expect from Stretch Mark Treatment 

With minimal downtime and discomfort, your skin’s newly boosted collagen production will render a younger, smoother, and healthier complexion after a few sessions of treatment.

Why Choose Burlington Medical Aesthetics? 

Stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of, but if they get in the way of your self-confidence, it’s time to make a change. At Burlington Medical Aesthetics, you can rest assured that we prioritize both your beauty and well-being. Our team of highly trained skincare professionals specialize in safe, effective, and advanced stretch mark treatments. From the moment that you walk through our doors, we’ll make you feel right at home, because we believe in the power of beauty, wellness, comfort, and confidence. 

Contact Us Today for Effective Stretch Marks Treatments 

There’s no need to suffer in silence. Your journey to healthier and more radiant skin begins at Burlington Medical Aesthetics!

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