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Skin Laxity Treatments

What Is Skin Laxity?   

Skin laxity is a condition that makes us look old. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen and elastin resulting in the skin losing its firmness and structure, causing the skin to sag. Other causes for skin laxity are stress, prolonged sun exposure, extreme weight loss, genetic factors, and smoking.

How to Treat Skin Laxity

Leave sagging skin in the past and face the world with a smoother, tighter, more youthful look on life with these skin laxity treatments:


Skin laxity doesn’t stand a chance against Morpheus8®, a non-surgical needling treatment that harnesses the power of radiofrequency energy to defy the adverse effects of aging.

What truly makes Morpheus8® a standout aesthetic solution is the fact that it doesn’t just eliminate wrinkles and repair skin laxity. Rather, it instills long-lasting effects by stimulating the production of collagen. Radiofrequency energy is scientifically proven to be a fundamental building block in promoting the body’s natural collagen production abilities.

Evolve and Evoke by InMode

Body Contouring has been slowly evolving over the years. Most of the old technologies that have been in the market yielded little, if any, results. They addressed one aspect and left others. For example, body contouring using cold application freezes fat cells but does nothing to tighten the skin. Results were poor. The other major pitfall was the inability of the older devices and technologies to treat the face and the submental/under chin (double chin) area.

Fortunately, this is not the case anymore after the revolutionary breakthrough technology of Evoke and Evolve by InMode.This industry-first state-of-the-art technology enables patients to achieve a more youthful appearance without the expensive invasive surgeries, scars, and downtime. Is it so good to be true? Yes, it is true. Evoke and Evolve by InMode is non-invasive, effective, and cheaper than surgery and, most importantly, no scars or downtime.

Evoke is a hands-free, non-invasive platform that is used to remodel facial tissues, fat and lax skin to deliver the younger and slimmer look that we always wanted.

Utilizing bipolar radiofrequency, Evoke will apply uniform heat that will not only remodel subdermal facial tissues in the cheeks, jawline, jowls, and submental area(double chin) but will also tone and tighten the skin for the youthful look that you always wanted.

You always get bothered about those stubborn fat areas that don’t go away with hard workouts and strict diets like love handles, lower abdomen or buttocks, and upper thighs?Evolve got you covered. With this hands-free, non-invasive technology you can say goodbye to those stubborn areas with no scars, downtime, or spending a lot of money on surgeries.Evolve diverse technology offers a range of body contouring options. It can be used on any body area (abdomen, love handles, thighs, buttocks, and arms). Furthermore, Evolve options can be individualized to burn fat, tighten skin or tone muscles, or all of the above depending on body type. Evolve treatment can be customized to Tite, Trim, or Tone depending on a variety of body types.

Who Can Benefit from Skin Laxity Treatment?

People who suffer from wrinkles or sagging skin on the face or neck are perfect candidates for skin laxity treatments. Additionally, those who have lost significant weight may benefit from this treatment option.

Results You Can Expect from Skin Laxity Treatment

Morpheus8® and Botox® are skin laxity treatments that tighten and revitalize the skin. Your specialist will recommend how many series of treatments are necessary for your desired results.

Why Choose Burlington Medical Aesthetics?

Restoring your skin back to its youthful glow has never been easier thanks to Burlington Medical Aesthetics. With the aesthetic expertise of Dr. Abbas Adam and his team of skincare professionals, skin laxity will officially be a thing of the past.

We value our clients’ health and aesthetic vision, which is why we’re the number one choice for cosmetic solutions. Bringing your best face forward is what we do best.

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