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Benefits Of ProNox

July 14, 2022

Many individuals are interested in plastic surgery but are mostly worried about having to get general anesthesia. Throughout their procedures, we want to make sure every one of our patients feels safe and at ease. For this reason, we provide quick-acting pain relief, the ProNox Aesthetic System that combines breathed oxygen and nitrous oxide in a 50/50 portion.

We are happy to provide a selection of cosmetic procedures at our Burlington Medical Aesthetics clinic that may be done under local anesthesia and also ProNox patient-controlled sedation. In this post, you’ll learn more about ProNox’s advantages and why you should choose to incorporate it into your treatment plan.

The Basics: What Is ProNox?

ProNox is often used for several services, such as vein treatments, laser treatments, and aesthetic procedures. Almost any treatment that patients could find painful can use this form of sedation instead of using injectable numbing or general anesthesia. As a result, the patient is significantly more comfortable utilizing ProNox during the whole procedure and may safely regulate the dosage they get to control the level of pain or discomfort they are experiencing.

The Benefits Of ProNox

ProNox Is Highly Effective And Safe

Holding a mask to your face is all that is necessary for ProNox to deliver a nitrous oxide and oxygen mixture. You may have used nitrous oxide, popularly known as “laughing gas,” to increase your level of comfort during dental work or while giving birth. It aids in your relaxation and comfort rather than making you go completely asleep. Nitrous oxide is a highly safe sedative with no harmful side effects when used in a therapeutic environment and at controlled dosages.

ProNox Gives You Control Over Your Comfort

By using the mouthpiece anytime you feel the need, you may regulate the quantity of ProNox in your system during the treatment. After the procedure is over, the gas will be entirely out of your system in a few minutes, enabling you to resume your daily activities without any lasting side effects.

Your Recovery Is Much Simpler After ProNox

The effects of general anesthesia last for a few days, and patients often discover that this prolongs their recovery period. ProNox, on the other hand, almost leaves your body within a few minutes. This may imply that, depending on the specifics of your treatment, you can manage your recuperation after cosmetic surgery over the course of a few days without it materially affecting your schedule or way of life.

Why Should You Opt For ProNox?

ProNox is a fantastic alternative if you’ve been thinking about having cosmetic procedures or surgery done but are worried about general anesthesia. ProNox is very well-liked by both men and women since you can choose how much of it you get, it’s extremely safe, and it offers a speedier recovery period after your treatment.

Since patient safety, comfort, and well-being are our top priorities at Burlington Medical Aesthetics, the addition of ProNox to your treatments will surely change things for many of you. Whether you want ProNox for your treatment, just let us know at the beginning of your session, and our staff will let you know if you are eligible for it. Call us now at 289-337-2761 to learn more about ProNox!