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Eye Trough Treatment

February 28, 2022

When the skin beneath our eyes starts to alter and tear troughs emerge, we might feel just as aged and tired as we seem! Tear troughs are common as we get older, thus when it comes to face aesthetics, many individuals look for techniques to renew the eye to appear more youthful.

If you’ve been looking for ‘under eye filler near me’ or ‘tear trough treatment Burlington,’ then this post will guide you to our clinic’s finest tear trough treatments. Because there are so many possibilities for this sort of therapy, learning about it online might be daunting. We’ve covered all there is to know about this skin issue in this post. Everything will be explained in depth here, from how it develops, to the treatment choices accessible, to the healing process from your treatment.

What Is Eye Through?

Let’s start off with the basics, what causes this issue? Tear troughs develop as a result of tissue volume loss and ligament stress, resulting in sagging or wrinkled skin folds extending from the lower eyelid to the nose and face.

You may notice them because they may contribute to the appearance of dark circles, bags, and a worn, aged aspect around the eye. Tear troughs may be seen as early as the age of 30 or even earlier, since they are not only caused by aging, but can also develop because of heredity, sun damage, and stress.

What Caused Your Eye Trough?

As we age, our features, particularly the area around our eyes, undergo slow modifications. All of the layers of the face, including the skin, fat, muscle, and bone, are affected. This ligament is frequently unnoticeable in youth because of the plump fat, thicker underlying skin, and soft tissue that surrounds it.

To begin with, UV damage to the sensitive skin around the eyes may cause fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a “crepey” texture. Fatty tissue beneath the lower eyelid and upper cheek region naturally decreases over time. Lower lid muscles lose flexibility throughout time and are no longer strongly anchored in place.

In addition, the cheekbone and eye socket forms are gradually retreating, resulting in a lack of skeletal support for the skin. Smoking, stress, skincare, sun exposure, body weight, and heredity are all connected to the pace at which these changes occur in various persons. The tear through depression may grow puffy or protrude away from the face as a result of these changes. The under-eye bags appear when the tissue beneath the eyes pulls outward. The unevenness of the region may make it seem darkish, giving the appearance of dark circles beneath the eyes. Regardless of how much makeup is applied, the face might still seem tired and drawn since there is excess loose skin and fine lines present.

What Can Help With Eye Trough?

Using small doses of hyaluronic acid injectable gel that has been specifically formulated to treat the sensitive eye circle region, a dramatic improvement in tear troughs may be obtained with little to no downtime.

If you’ve never heard of these substances, hyaluronic acid is a chemical that is found naturally in the dermis of the skin and is responsible for the hydration, suppleness, and firmness of the skin. The gel will gradually fill up the eye trough through depression, resulting in a smoother and healthier appearance overall.

When the hollowness is filled in, the black circles are decreased because the thin skin in this region is highly reflective, and the shadowing is reduced since the hollowness is filled in. The best part is that the outcomes of this treatment will be seen right away.

This treatment option is not recommended for pigmented dark circles or big malar and palpebral bags, since surgery is a preferable option for such conditions.

Treatments Options For Tear Trough

Treating tear troughs should always be conducted by a medical professional since it is considered a very sensitive and delicate region of the face. In this case, our doctor at Burlington Medical Aesthetics can help patients by providing them with the breakthrough eye hollow and dark circle treatment using neuromodulators, or Morpheus8®, and in some cases even a combination of the two treatments.

What Is The Purpose Of Tear Trough Filler?

The eyes are the most noticeable feature on the face. Men and women alike often express the belief that when their eyes aren’t looking good, they don’t feel good. Exhaustion-inducing under-eye bags and dark circles, as well as a hollowed-out appearance beneath the eyes, may make you look older than you really are.

To alleviate the issue region beneath the eyes, tear trough filler might be used. During a tear trough filler process, one of our most popular filler called Restylane is injected into the delicate under eye skin, which helps to restore its volume. It is vital to understand that tear trough filler is usually not just one procedure, and you should anticipate continuous treatments in order to get the best possible outcomes from your treatment.

What Is A Dermal Filler?

The dermal fillers we utilize are formed of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring material in the human body. These dermal fillers are soluble, which means that when the gel degrades and water takes their place, they will gradually be absorbed in the skin. When the filler gel is completely absorbed, it vanishes from the body undetected. When this happens, you can then receive another treatment to prolong your results.

Restylane Filler For Eye Through Treatment

Restylane is a dermal filler solution that has been developed to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It also adds volume and fullness to the areas of the face that have been targeted. When used under the eyes, this hyaluronic acid-based treatment will help to lift the sagging hollowed skin and give you a youthful and fresh appearance.

How Long Does This Treatment Last?

If you’re contemplating this treatment, you may be wondering how long the effects of the dermal fillers will last. Most patients maintain their benefits for 6-12 months; however, the exact length of time that a tear trough therapy maintains its impact varies. This is dependent on factors such as your age, skin type, way of life, and level of muscular activity.

That being said, if you notice that your results are slowly fading, and eye troughs have returned you can always schedule a follow-up appointment to receive a touch up of the treatments to prolong your results.

Who Can Benefit From Eye Trough Treatments In Burlington?

Women and men with dark circles under their eyes, particularly in individuals in their late 30s to early 40s and older, can be treated effectively with these types of treatments. While tear troughs are often seen in persons of this age range, patients even as young as 25 years old may begin to observe this early symptom of aging and want to rectify the issue right away rather than waiting till it worsens.

Anyone who knows about the technique, is in generally excellent health, and has reasonable expectations for their outcomes is a suitable candidate for tear trough treatments in Burlington.

When Should You Expect To See Results With Under-Eye Fillers?

The process normally takes less than 15 minutes, and you may observe an instant improvement in the appearance of your tear troughs after receiving the fillers. In many cases, the treatment creates just a little swelling, so even if the region seems to be more filled immediately after the treatment, we recommend waiting a week to assess the ultimate outcome of the treatment.

The pigmentation around your eyes will need the use of a customized skincare regimen to help decrease the hyperpigmentation around your eyes. However, although you may see an immediate improvement from the fillers which will reduce shadowing and thin skin concerns, it can take weeks for the pigmentation problem to be resolved completely.

Why Choose Burlington Medical Aesthetics For Your Eye Trough Treatments?

Burlington Medical Aesthetics provides you with the assurance that you are in excellent and competent hands thanks to our skilled physician Dr. Adam to implement this treatment in a clean, comfortable and safe surroundings, as will recommend highly effective skincare treatments for pigmentation if needed. Your confidence, wellbeing, and beauty will be brought to the surface as a result of our non-invasive age-defying treatment procedures.

Not only can you anticipate the results you’ve been hoping for, but our doctor will be there to assist you every step of the way, allowing you to remain comfortable and relaxed during the process.

While we recognize that selecting the most appropriate treatment for your specific requirements is critical, our specialists are here to answer any concerns you may have regarding this innovative treatment option. We are looking forward to helping you in decreasing the symptoms of eye trough and promoting a more rejuvenated and revitalized appearance.

Reach out to our office to book your appointment for eye trough treatment today!